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FairWater has a different approach: Transparent & Durable (Click here to see…)

  1. We only use the durable Dutch BluePump, the preferred Oxfam’s handpump.
  2. We do NOT send money to Africa: Sponsoring is 100% used for BluePumps for Oxfam in Africa.
  3. BluePumps are installed in a “BlueZone” with the backup of local BluePump service points.
  4. With a BluePump, we provide hundreds of water bottles, sponsored by our partner “Join-the-Pipe.org.
  5. Sponsored BluePumps are on our Google Map with the name of the sponsor, see picture below.

With over 1.000 BluePumps working every day in Africa, we have a strong track record in providing sustainable (low-cost) clean water to over 500.000 people in Africa. Especially for the poor people appreciate the reliability and the low-maintenance cost of the BluePump. With your help, we lift them out of poverty, thanks to the Dutch BluePump.

GW 1200 Aveda dubbel

One of the 5 BluePumps sponsored by AVEDA, Click Here or on the picture to see the location.

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For every €1.000,- you sponsor a BluePump for Oxfam.

You can also donate by bank transfer to FairWater:
IBAN NL57ABNA0620 4048 41

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With every BluePump Join-the-Pipe.org is sponsoring water bottles for kids.