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Why do we replace broken pumps with a BluePump?

Because it is the right thing to do…
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All over Africa, people complain about their handpumps
and struggling to survive because of broken pumps,
If we don’t change for the better (Click here)
within 10 years, all handpumps in Africa will be broken
imagine the devastating disaster that is about to happen…

If the handpump breaks down…
Imagine, you live in a village and you had to walk a long distance each day to fetch water, and one day an NGO shows up and installs a handpump. Of course, you are delighted and grateful. But when the pumps break down all the time and finally cannot be repaired anymore, you have to walk again many hours for water. The purpose of the NGO handpump was to save lives, obvious when the pump fails, you and your children are in danger again and you feel even worse…

About our Mission
Our mission is to stop this “Pump-Crisis” in Africa by introducing more reliable handpumps. In practice, that means changing broken pumps with the durable Dutch BluePump, that has a solid proven record of reliability. We do that in the most cost-effective way, with local organizations and local companies, involving local people in this process.

This is our vision how Africa should look like, the “Blue Revolution”

The above video is in from the UNDP “Millennium Village Project” in Tabora, Tanzania. People just go to the pump and fetch water… It is not that complicated. More and more serious water projects are joining us and start using the BluePump. Already over 1.200 BluePumps provide clean water to over 500.000 people, every day in Africa. It’s called the “Blue Revolution” The BluePump has rapidly become the preferred choice of the rural population, all over Africa.

What about Pump Maintenance?
The BluePump is very strong and reliable, that means that it will pump 24/7 for many years. In case of a small problem (data from 8 years show that on average the BluePump last 5+ years without any issue), the village calls for a Regional Pump Mechanic that can solve any issue. Normally no spares are needed. In case spare parts are needed, they can be obtained by the country dealer or ordered online with Boode BV in The Netherlands.

You want to join this success story?
If you are with an NGO, you can become a FairWater partner, and we can send BluePumps to you, all over Africa. If you are a private person, you can support our work by making a donation for a BluePump. And last but not least, please spread the word to water projects that have not yet learned about the reliable BluePump, ask them to start using BluePumps too. It is very important that people have reliable water pumps.

Our “Bottles & Pumps” Program:

1200 bluebottles gambia

Every BluePump comes with free water bottles for school-kids, thanks to

How? We put these durable water bottles in the pipes of the BluePump, so they arrive automatically in the community when the BluePump is installed. 

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BluePumps are strong & reliable and last a lifetime. That is what poor people need to come out of poverty.

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Rehabilitation with a durable BluePump is cost-effective; a new expensive well is not needed.


All our sponsored BluePumps can be found on our Google Map (click here).


Local partners
Local Partners install & maintain the BluePumps. This creates trust, local employment, and low-cost sustainable operation.


Track record
See our Sanex Zero%  project; we replaced in The Gambia 50 broken pumps, serving 25.000+ people.


10 Strong points for BluePumps:

1. Bluepump piston has no rubber seal. Other pumps have seals that wear out.

2. BluePumps have 2 stainless steel, long-lasting foot valves. Other pumps have only one 1 rubber foot valve.

3. BluePumps use quality PVC pipes and stainless steel rods. Other pumps have serious rusting problems.

4. BluePumps have heavy duty bearings lasting 10+ years. Other pumps have fragile (plastic) bearings.

5. BluePump rods have long-lasting, floating double centralizers to make pumping easy.

6. BluePumps are reliable up to 100m deep. Other pumps fail beyond 40m.

7. BluePumps are lighter to operate and produce more water.

8. BluePumps are easy to install & maintain with standard tools. Other pumps need special tools.

9. BluePumps are installed & maintained by local dealers with in-country service.

10. BluePumps are cheap (about 25 US$ per year) to operate; Other pumps need up to 500,- US$ per year.

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Testimonial:  See the video from Gambia below how the people appreciate the BluePump.


“Development starts with durable BluePumps
and BlueBottles for children:

The most cost-effective and sustainable
solution to solve water problems in Africa

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