The Blue Laundry project

For washing of clothes, you need at least 3 to 4 jerry cans of 20 liters. Therefore women prefer to bring the clothes to the pump and wash close the pump.

However, washing near the pump often means that you have to wash on the dirty sandy ground…

Therefore FairWater introduced and promote the Blue-Laundry project: Public washing units next to the BluePump, where women can wash the cloth in durable washing basins.

wash units 1200The FairWater Blue-Laundry is a great and innovative solution to help the women in Africa.

The Blue-Laundry is also a social gathering place for the usual daily “chit-chats” about what goes on in the village. Also, kids like to hang around and to help with the washing.

The Laundry Unit is constructed next to a BluePump by the same local contractor that has installed the BluePump. We have several locations in Burkina Faso as well as in the Gambia waiting for this. Of course the women themselves also contribute to the construction. They are ready for it, now it’s up to you!

blue laundry 1200

washing basin burkina

wash unit 1200 merci

How to start a blue laundry project?
Please send us an email with your data and we will match a community in Africa with you. A BlueLaundry is not that expensive, total investment is € 2.000,- all included. After construction, it needs practically no maintenance at all, so it really sustainable.


For more information, contact us for details.

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