With a WaterDonky no more headache !

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Every day women and children in Africa suffer when fetching water.

It is a typical scene, women carrying water on their head for miles and miles… But they don’t do that to please the tourists, no, they don’t have a choice but they do have a headache.

To help these women in need, we developed the WaterDonky; it looks simple, but yet up to today (!) nobody ever thought about making such a versatile and durable tool for the people in Africa. The WaterDonky is now worldwide available for NGOs and UN Organisations through FairWater, (contact us for details)

If you want to help a family in Africa with a WaterDonky, you can also sponsor a WaterDonky through our “Social Funding” campaign.

With your sponsoring, we produce WaterDonky’s and send it to our partners in Africa. They will not give it away; “Free-aid” is not sustainable, besides, when things are “free”, everybody wants to have one, and it is virtually impossible to decide who will get one and who not.

Therefore our partners sell the Donky for a “Fair” local affordable price of about € 15,- which is doable for a family, or even 2 or 3 families may buy a Donky together.

The WaterDonky has been designed to carry comfortably two large 20-liter or 30-liter water containers over a large distance. But of course it can also carry whatever: construction materials, vegetables to bring to the market, etc. to make some money to fight poverty.

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The FairWater WaterDonky is the most versatile all-in solution to transport water & whatever in Africa.


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Thank you for your support.

For each € 100,-  we send a WaterDonky to Africa

If you want us to send to more WaterDonky’s, please multiply your donation with each time € 100,- This is the amount needed to produce a WaterDonky and to send it to our partners in Africa.

You can also donate by bank transfer to FairWater:
IBAN NL57ABNA0620 4048 41

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Thank you, let this suffering be over …

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