The challenge is handpump maintenance

Over 700.000 handpumps are installed in Africa, but they break down all the time, spares are missing or very expensive. Poor people cannot afford that. The result is that over 50% of these donated pumps are not working anymore and rust away.

This Handpump Crisis is well documented by a SKAT/UNICEF in a report from 2010 (see summary below), in which they clearly state that these problems are due to the failing approach of NGOs with poor quality pumps. The good news is that today, with the reliable BluePump, we can to solve the Water Crisis in Africa once and for all.

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we want a bluepump 1200

There is enough water in the ground! People just need a better pump that lasts. Most NGOs know that the pumps they are using are not strong enough, but they are reluctant to use BluePumps because of the additional investment costs. However, many people agree that it is better to invest in better pumps. (click here for the video…)

The obvious solution
Use the durable BluePump is all water projects and replace fragile and broken handpumps by a durable BluePump. It’s “penny wise pound foolish” to install pumps that do not last.

Sohm sanex 14 1200

Replacing broken pumps by reliable BluePumps is easy,  fast and cost-effective.

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