In South Sudan we support the Canadian NGO Obakki. They provided over 500 water wells in South Sudan and brought water to more than 750,000 people.

Obakki was not happy at all with the poor quality of the India MK2 pumps, the standard pump in South Sudan. Therefore they approached FairWater to introduce the BluePump in South Sudan in 2013. 

Obakki BluePump 1200-727

Treana Peake, the founder of Obakki with one of the first BluePumps (click here) in South Sudan in 2013.

Obakki projects expands from water supply to include agricultural initiatives, school construction and educational support. It’s an ongoing process of development, monitoring and mentoring that makes Obakki different from others in the field.

In South Sudan their are often conflicts over rights to food and water; Obakki wells reduce these conflicts and bring stability and enables communities to settle in one place and no longer move around in search of clean water.

Obakki facilitates communities to work together to develop long-term solutions for growth and to build homes, engage in trade and send their children to school.

Rumbek 1200-711

A broken India MK2 pump being replaced by the Dutch reliable BluePump.

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