FairWater BluePump

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The BluePump is a Dutch quality product, developed by FairWater with the help of it’s partners in Africa and now available with BOODE BV in The Netherland, as well as through a network of qualified dealers in Africa.


This video below shows how it’s made and installed in our projects



BluePump technical specifications:

– Rising mains:  Ø 70/80 x 2000 mm.  Glue sockets Ø 80/95 x 180 mm.
– Rods: Ø 12mm x 2.000mm. INOX 304 fully threaded with M12 locknuts.
– Centralizers: 2x Ø 68x15mm.  floating HDPE, high resistance, double use.
– Bearings: Ø 30 / 50mm. self adjusting & maintenance free.
– Cylinder: Ø 53 / 57 x 90,  INOX 304 with double foot valve system.
– Valves: 3 xØ 30mm, INOX 304, optional ceramic as well.
– Piston Ø 53 x 380 mm POM (maintenance free).  Max stroke = 200mm.
– Handle: Ø 62 x 1.200/ 1.500mm, extendable with counterweight.


Depth range:
From 1 to 100m deep. Below 40m with Bottom Support (BS) system.


Discharge at average pumping rate 
10 m.   25 –  30 l./min.
25 m.   20 – 25 l./min.
50 m.   15 –  20 l./min.
80 m.   10 –  15 l./min.
100m.   up to 10l./min.


The BluePump can be installed by one technician only, with one assistant, up to 100m deep, without the need for specific tools.


Installation materials:
– Spanners M12 and M16
– Screwdriver
– For gluing of the PVC pipes: Glue, Solvent, Tissue, Sandpaper
– Hacksaw for PVC pipes and rods)
– Flat rope (stays always inside the borehole)


The BluePump is a minimal maintenance handpump. Unless other handpumps, the BluePump requires no regular spares to keep the pump operational. Maintenance is limited to occasional cheking nuts and bolts on the box. The cylinder has a stainless steel valve and no rubber seal and is therefor virtually maintenance free. With time the deeper centralizers below 40m will wear out on one side, but they can be turned around and be used again many times.


Spare parts:
BluePump parts and spares are always available with the country dealer and with Boode in The Netherlands. The lifetime of replace items on the BluePump will depend on the verticality of the borehole, the way how the pump is handled and the quality of the water. Especially the amount of sit in the water will reduce the lifespan of the centralizers and the valves. Based on the present available data since about 5 years of operation of the BluePump in Africa, it is estimated that the durablility of the main wearing parts (under nomal conditions) will be:
– Centralizers: 5 – 10+ years
– Bearings: 5 – 10+ years
– Valves: 5 – 25+ years
– Second footvalve rubber: 5 – 10 years
– Piston: 25+ years
– Bottom Support sleeve seal: 5 – 10+ years


Available with FairWater partners in:
Angola, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Niger, Malawi, Mozambique, The Gambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Swaziland.


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