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BluePump dogon 500

The first BluePump at a school in a Dogon village.


In 1997 Architect Joop van Stigt, who was inspired already for many years by the remarkable culture and architecture of the Dogon, started with his wife Gonny the Foundation Dogon Education (FDE, in Dutch: Stichting Dogon Onderwijs, SDO) to realizes in the Dogon area schools and other durable infra-structure.


Facilitation of education is for FDE the key strategy to improve the quality of life in the Dogon area, where people live in typical clay villages around the impressive cliffs of Bandiagara in Mali, Africa. Because of their unique culture and ancient traditions, this area is listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

An important part of sustainable development is the availability of water. Therefore already in 1995 FDE with two waterwells and one elementary school. Today, about 60 wells and 15 schools have been realized. However, also in the Dogon area it became a challenge to maintain the waterpumps in a sustainable and affordable way.


Therefore FDE decided in 2014 to join the FairWater approach of creating BlueZones using the reliable BluePump. The project aims to enable communities to pay for a BluePump with a Micro-Credit and at the same time, to support a local agent to start a business.This local service provider will take care of the installation and maintenance of the BluePumps.


In december 2014 the first BluePumps were installed and a training was provided for the Area Mechanics by the FairWater Partner in Burkina Faso, who is working already with BluePumps since 2010.


For more information about FDE and the Mali BlueZone Project, please contact:
Stichting Dogon Onderwijs (SDO / FDE)
Herengracht 408
1017 BX Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20-62 29 314