Global Resource Allience

FairWater partner since 2010

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GRA FairWater sponsored BluePump for a school in Tanzania


GRA is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to bringing hope, joy and abundance in the Mara Region of Tanzania. By sharing ideas, volunteers and financial resources with local, community based organizations, GRA seeks to promote natural, holistic and sustainable solutions to the challenges of poverty, malnutrition and disease.


The inspiration and leadership for their work comes from the communities they serve. GRA believes that empowering local communities to address pressing social, economic and environmental challenges according to their own vision and their own creative potential is the key to lasting solutions.


Since 2010 FairWater has sponsored many BluePumps for GRA, especialy for their school projects. GRA has its own drilling rig (The Big Blue) and is using BluePumps for new boreholes for schools as well as for rehabilitations of broken down Afridev pumps.