IRD Swaziland

FairWater partner since 2011

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Since 1998, IRD has provided more than $3 billion in humanitarian assistance. To the communities we serve, that means more hospitals and medicines to heal, schools to educate, safe water to drink, roads to provide access to markets and healthcare, homes to provide safe havens, training to foster vocational skills, and jobs to put food on the table.


Rather than just delivering clean water to the people in Africa that need assistance, IRD tackles the underlying problem of upgrading community water storage and management systems.


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Development strategies solve interrelated needs and challenges simultaneously. That means more effective engagement with local governments and residents, more community capacity, better use of resources, and more sustainable results.


IRD’s Swaziland project is a good example of a succesful integrated partnership of NGOs, local Government and the Private sector. It also integrates agricultural income generating activities with rural water supply and sanitation services.


Future activities will expand rooftop water harvesting and storage at the household level and in schools and increase water availability in communities through the replacement of broken Afridev water pumps with the more durable FairWater BluePump.


The targeted beneficiaries include 3,450 farmers (80 percent of whom are women) and 6,800 children in 15 tinkhundla in Swaziland’s lowveld region.