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We are, the first social community of tap water drinkers. People from all over the world are joining and sharing the same dream of redistributing water in a fairer way.


To raise money for water projects, we sell specially designed bottles, carafes and tap stations that represent elements of a water pipe, in addition, restaurants and festivals make donations by selling tap water in stead of bottled water.


In this way, together, we are building the longest water pipeline in the world.
By drinking tap water you also help to reduce plastic waste and CO2 emissions caused by the production and transport of bottled water.


Join us! With everyone’s help the pipe will continue to grow until we live in a world where not only one half the people have drinkable water, but the other half too.


Join-the-Pipe is a FairWater partner since 2010 and has donated through FairWater many BluePumps for schools and communities in The Gambia, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic and Tanzania.