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A FairWater sponsored BluePump for Obaki, the first BluePump in South Sudan (!) replaced  a problematic India Mark II pump for a school in Rumbek. Finally the people have now a reliable water pump!


Obakki provided over the last three years over 500 water wells and brought water to more than 750,000 people.

However, they also noted that the standard handpump that they had to use (the India MK2 pump) was not performing in the harsh rural conditions, with sometime over 200 families per pump. Therefore the reached out to FairWater to help them to start replacing those problematic India MK2 pumps with the durable BluePump.


The Obakki model is simple: drilling wells, monitor their adoption, then expand development in villages that show a capacity for maximizing their new-found resource.


It all begins with water; from there Obakki projects expands to include agricultural initiatives, school construction and educational support. It’s an ongoing process of development, monitoring and mentoring that makes Obakki different from others in the field.


In South Sudan their are often conflicts over rights to food and water; Obakki wells reduce these conflicts and bring stability and enables communities to settle in one place and no longer move around in search of clean water. Obakki facilitates communities to work together to develop long-term solutions for growth and  to build homes, engage in trade and send their children to school.


Since 2013 Obakki is FairWater partner and FairWater has sponsored several BluePumps, especially to rehabilitate broken wells with schools. The BluePumps provided a highly appreciated and durable solution to replace the many India Mark II pumps that were breaking down all the time. Although BluePumps are a bit more expensive to buy, Obakki prefers the BluePump because of their reliable operation. In the end, reliablity and low operation costs is crucial for the people we all want to help.