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Sanex is a well known international A-rated brand of quality products.


With the introduction of a new product, Sanex Zero% an environmental friendly shower gel, Sanex and FairWater started in 2011 an innovative promotion “Clean Water Here =  Clean Water There


The idea was to emphasise the importance of clean water in the highly populated Netherlands, as well with clean and safe water in Africa, where still so many people have limited access to save water.


Nowadays, we do not only choose the best products for our skin while taking a shower, but we are also concerned about the quality of the waste water that will enter in the environment. So we ask more and more for products with environmental friendly ingredients, without chemical color additives and preservation chemicals.


The Zero% eco-friendly biological shower-gel of Sanex is therefore a perfect solution and with the Sanex action it also helps people in Africa with clean water from a durable BluePump.

As a result of this joint action, a total of 50 durable BluePumps are installled in Gambia, providing now durable clean & save water for a healthy live for about 25.000 people every day! Click here for more info about the Sanex – FairWater project.


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