Swe-Gam Ltd.

FairWater partner since 2009

BluePump Gambia 500

FairWater sponsored BluePump for a school in Gambia, installed by Swe-Gam.


Swe-Gam Co.Ltd. is a Swedish and Gambian owned company,
that was established in The Gambia in 1991.

With over twenty years of experience, Swe-Gam Co.Ltd. is one of the leading companies in The Gambia operating in solar energy, solar water pump systems, handpumps and hand tools, power tools, forestry and garden equipment.


Swe-Gam is the sole distributor for international manufacturers such as Grundfos, Stanley, Bahco, Shurflo, Husqvarna and the FairWater BluePump from Boode B.V.


Watch the video with Mr. Ebrima Cole, Managing Director of Swe-Gam, speaking about Swe-Gam and the BluePump in The Gambia.



Swe-Gam has installed and maintains in Gambia over 125 BluePumps for NGOs and schools, of which over 60 are sponsored by FairWater in co-operation with Sanex Zero%, Join-the-Pipe.org and local NGOs.


The BluePump is now the most popular handpump in Gambia and many communities would love to have their old and broken India pumps to be replaced by the BluePump.


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